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Overview: Equity in the Academic Experience Community Resources

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These community-built resources are intended to support the Summer Institute on Equity in the Academic Experience, hosted by Georgetown University and University of Texas, Austin, and in collaboration with the American Talent Initiative (ATI). These resources are arranged in two groups of resources: a Core Library that brings together selected research literature, critical tools that already exist for institutional self-analysis, assessment and action, case studies and institutional exemplars, and design exercises that can be applied to equity-minded strategic planning and action. And a set of Resource Kits, organized along four categories of action--Urgency, Case-making, Strategy and Culture, based on an arc of change model originally developed by the American Talent Initiative (Aspen Institute).

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Resource Kit Architecture

Invitation to Collaborate:

These resource kits are a work in progress. We see them as a starting point, an open conversation, a space for us to work as a community to collaborate, share and develop a valuable set of resources related to our work at the institute and the broader discussion of equity in the academic experience.In this spirit, we invite you to be active contributors in their development. The kit you will find on this platform is a starting point. Please comment, discuss, and question what we have collected.To facilitate this, we have shared this work with you through MediaWiki. A platform that allows all of you to comment on each page to offer suggestions for improvement or modification. See below for some orientation about the platform.

Mediawiki is an online group editing platform that can be used to generate content and share information. In order to edit this mediawiki, simply click the “Edit” link next to the “Read” link on the top section of the page.

Acknowledgements & Authorship Note:

The foundational resources evolved from the efforts of numerous Summer Institute staff, as well as students, at Georgetown University and UT Austin. Authoring and editorial credits for the foundational resources include: Anel Albertao, Randy Bass, Kaitlin Bernell, Heidi Elmendorf, Brittany Toscano Gore, Mark Joy, Camron Robinson and Casey Sheehan. Prototyping of the resource kits, along with key contributions of research and content came from students in LDES503 (MA in Learning, Design and Technology): Armando Baltazar, Lindsay Chatel, Ye Chen, Ryan Downey, Anne Dumanat, Rachel Davison Humphries, Mark Kozitka, Sandy Lee, Amanda Mickus, Brian O'Donoghue, Caitlin Sailins, Adriana Sensenbrenner, Rayna Weiser and Jasmine Wong.