Institutional Learning Environments

Structural innovation inspired by radical approaches to complex challenges facing higher education institutions. 


Summer Institute

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The Summer Institute on Equity in the Academic Experience seeks to support campuses as they address issues of student retention related to the academic experience. The institute provides a unique opportunity for institutional teams to engage in constructive planning to advance their institutional goals around educational equity, in the context of innovations in academic policies, curricula, and pedagogies.

Wellbeing Project

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Bridge Courses are concise, high-impact courses offer graduating seniors a novel educational model. This suite of 1-credit courses covers topics critical to a successful transition from student to alumnus and encourage soon-to-be graduates to reflect on their Georgetown experience and create their own frameworks for living a life of meaning and purpose beyond the Hilltop.

Pivotal Network

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The Pivotal Network represents a novel approach to the problem of undermatching byu00a0supporting the work of high school teachers and building partnerships between these teachers and colleges and universities. The network is designed to elevate and bolster the work of high school teachers who play disproportionately influential roles in the lives of their first-generation and lower-income studentsu2019 journey to college. Through this work, Georgetown seeks to support teachers who each reach hundreds of high school students each year and have impact at scale in the educational futures of students.


New Learning Compact

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The CALL is a new signature program for Georgetown, launched in Fall 2019, offering one semesteru2019s downtown residence, credit-bearing internships, and unique mentoring and networking opportunities.