Educational Innovation

investment that supports our vision of change 

The Role of Faculty
in Educational Innovation

Georgetown faculty are involved at all levels of the Research and Design work, integral to to educationaI innovation. We collaborate with educators across all schools and disciplines to develop and pilot innovative course models, build forward facing programmatic curricula and implement structural change to support Georgetown faculty to do their best work as educators.

We have a unique opportunity as a small research university to pull together renowned faculty across the disciplines on a student-centered curriculum that takes on a real-world problems. 

William C Sonneborn

Bill Sonneborn


Venture R&D

Sonneborn Innovation Fund

Creates opportunity for new ideas to emerge in a traditional university.
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Applied Innovation

Provost Innovation in Teaching Awards

Supports faculty members, teams, or a whole department/unit that utilize exceptional creativity and innovative approaches to promote student-centered learning.
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William & Karen Sonneborn Interdisciplinary Chair

Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among Georgetown University faculty and expands the ways that students are meaningfully engaged in their interdisciplinary research processes.
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Systems Change & Longterm Investment

Georgetown faculty are renowned for their devotion to the learning and formation of their students. This is a virtuous cycle. Students are attracted to such professors; professors gained deep personal rewards from nurturing their students’ success.