Destination: DC

April 29, 2023
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By Bhriana Smith

One semester at Georgetown’s immersive innovation hub downtown can make all the difference.

When Thais Borges (C’22) participated in Georgetown’s Capitol Applied Learning Labs (CALL) program during the fall of her senior year, she was still trying to figure out what path her career could take. With pre-law ambitions in mind, she signed up for a class entitled U.S. Law Theory and Practice taught by Andrew Caffey, an adjunct professor and practicing attorney in Maryland. “Professor Caffey provided us with a lens into the legal experience by connecting our class with both practicing attorneys and others with law degrees,” she says. “Being able to speak with them and learn from their experiences allowed me to reassess my academic journey.”

A new perspective

One of the things that sets Georgetown apart is the university’s location in the nation’s capital. In Washington, DC, there are numerous opportunities to observe, learn from, and even participate in federal and local governments, as well as organizations focused on issues ranging from social conflict to global health to the future of the planet. Yet for some students, the logistics of an internship can be challenging. Many of the positions are unpaid, occur during standard class times, and are difficult to reach from the Hilltop via public transportation.

DC is the only place where you can be a citizen on both the local and national level….We want students to think about what it means to be a citizen, to engage with a city or town, and take that ideology to wherever they go after Georgetown.

- Dr. Abigail Lewis, Director of the CALL

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