Welcome to the Red House

The Red House is an R&D unit dedicated to curricular innovation at Georgetown University. Begun in 2013 as part of the

Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative, our work proactively shapes the Georgetown education of today and helps prepare the curriculum for the future.

The Red House is co-located with the Hub for Equity and Innovation for Higher Education and is home to the Baker Trust for Transformational Learning.

Equity in education is necessary to advance racial justice and innovation in education is necessary to achieve the systemic transformations that are required to advance equity. We commit to being more successful at modeling and enacting change – for our own staff, for our Georgetown community, and for our colleagues and collaborators across the educational landscape.
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The Baker Trust for Transformational Learning

The administration of the Baker Trust is carried out by the Red House. The Baker Trust makes strategic investments in innovation that advance the changing paradigm for learning. Investments target research, design, implementation and scaling of new approaches to developing the skills, mindsets and values necessary for graduates to take on the world’s greatest problems and shape a more just world.

Our work to shape the future of learning and of education at Georgetown University requires input from diverse perspectives, skillsets, and approaches that come from all disciplines, as well as a range of personal and professional experiences.