April Student Dinner

May 13, 2024
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Last month, the student team relaunched the Red House’s first Dinner Series event. This series is one of the student-driven projects at the Red House. These dinners are open to students from all majors and campuses and are designed to foster dialogue between students and faculty in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the classroom.

For this dinner, students selected Dr. Randall Amster, teaching professor and Co-Director of the B.S. in Environment & Sustainability, because of his long-held engagement with the Red House and his popularity among students. His research interests include environmental peacebuilding, climate justice, and community engagement, among other topics. Professor Amster has taught courses such as Ecological Belonging, Environment & Society, and Environment and Power.

Joined by fifteen or so students, Professor Amster talked about the evolution of his career and how he went from law school to teaching Environmental Studies. He delved into topics such as veganism and its connection to his environmental advocacy. Responding to a student question, Amster also explored the impact of fatherhood on his activism, expressing a drive to shape a brighter future for his children.

In reflecting on his experience at the dinner, Professor Amster said: “All too often, we get caught up in our busy lives, in our institutional roles, in the efficiency of our time and the functionality of our contributions. Stepping out of this reality for a moment, in community, over a shared meal provides more than just sustenance—it’s an opportunity to reaffirm our common humanity through conversation and conviviality. Plus the food was great!”

The Red House and adjacent Baker Family Terrace serve as a convening space, both figuratively and in function. Through initiatives like the student faculty Dinner Series, the Red House seeks to create opportunities and support the building of community and ongoing dialogue between faculty from all disciplines and students. The Dinner Series will resume with the Fall semester and will emphasize interdisciplinarity, bringing together faculty members from different academic departments to build connections.  Check our student page and subscribe to our newsletter for updates, and upcoming student-led events, and more at the Red House!