Washington Post: Momentum builds behind a three-year degree to lower college costs

April 21, 2022

Like many high school seniors, Grant Austin R. Simms was bombarded with marketing materials from colleges that showed euphoric students enjoying athletics, extracurricular clubs and campus life.

What he really wanted to know was how long his degree would take and how much it would cost.

“What’s missing when people are talking to high school students about college is the reality of it — the financial aspect,” Simms said. “Nobody talks about that.”

Simms was speaking in the light-filled but otherwise mostly empty classroom-sized space in a co-working building in downtown D.C. that in August will welcome an expected 50 to 70 members of the inaugural class of NewU University, where he ultimately decided to enroll.

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Vice President for Strategic Education Initiatives Randall Bass is also a professor at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. (Noah Willman for The Hechinger Report)