Creativity for Life

Why Take This Course?

How can students apply creativity gained before and at Georgetown to their lives beyond the Hilltop? This course will offer seniors organizational plans for maintenance, for growth, for using creative gift(s) for creative expression and for creative problem solving. The fulfillment of a creative need will be investigated for personal growth as well as innovative thinking through a variety of creative means, and professional branding for the future of the student. Maintenance, nourishment, and currency to fulfill a creative need will be investigated as well. This course is not lecture-based, rather it is highly experiential; students will engage in creative exercises each week that draw on the readings and their personal experiences. No previous knowledge or coursework of art, drawing or art history is required.



12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Registration opens in MyAccess at 3 PM on Monday, November 30 for all seniors.


Thomas Xenakis is a working DC artist primarily using paint and precious metals, like gold and silver in a variety of grounds.

He maintains a studio in Italy as well and often travels to Europe for inspiration and research. His research area is in contemporary uses of Medieval media, primarily as it relates to the Byzantine Medieval Empire. Such media include, tempera, egg-tempera, wax encaustic, distemper, mosaic, and fresco. Mr. Xenakis has been a faculty member in residence at the Villa Le Balze, Georgetown University and has participated in many study abroad experiences through Georgetown and other universities as a faculty member in Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria. 

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