Life Negotiations

Why Take This Course?

Through a series of negotiation exercises, lectures, videos and class discussions, students will come to understand negotiation theory and practice negotiation skills that will be useful for a lifetime. Simulation exercises employ hypothetical situations in which students agree on the various terms of a new job, negotiate the terms of an apartment lease, and buy/sell a house, among others. Simulations give students an opportunity to develop and try their negotiating skills in a safe environment with continuing feedback from the professor and their classmates.



5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Registration opens in MyAccess at 3 PM on Monday, November 30 for all seniors.


Andrew A. Caffey is a practicing attorney, author, and arbitrator on the neutrals panel of the American Arbitration Association.  Mr. Caffey is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University, and for many years has served as the volunteer coach of the negotiation, mediation, and arbitration tournament teams at Georgetown University Law Center.