Third Spaces


What are Third Spaces?

“Third Spaces” can be defined as integrative experiences that bring together academics (faculty, students and staff, the first space) with industry, community and government partners (the second space) to create new sites of interaction that are characterized by:

  • valuing students as partners
  • transcending institutional boundaries
  • addressing complex challenges
  • valuing multiple knowledge types and perspectives for mutual learning

Defining Third Spaces with Bem Le Hunte

Watch this brief excerpt from the inaugural webinar in our Third Spaces Webinar Series, "Creating Third Spaces in Education" with Dr. Bem Le Hunte, for an introduction to the concept of third spaces.

Third Spaces Engagements

The series is sponsored by the Red House and the Baker Trust for Transformative Learning in order to stimulate interest in creating more “third space” opportunities for learning and knowledge-creation.

Past Events

Designing Third Spaces with JMU X-Labs | April 18, 2023

As part of the Third Spaces Series, JMU X-Labs Interim Director Patrice Ludwig and Associate Director of Engaged Learning Experiences Seán McCarthy joined the Red House for a day of conversation and collaboration on April 18, 2023. This video contains some excerpts of our conversation.

Creating Third Spaces in Education with Bem Le Hunte | February 27, 2023

Bem Le Hunte joined us for our first webinar to define what third spaces are, their core elements, their enabling conditions and how they contribute to transformative learning. She also discussed third spaces as intrinsically transdisciplinary, and sites of radical openness that can challenge either/or dichotomies of dominant culture, such as expert/non-expert.

Professor Bem Le Hunte is an internationally published novelist and an expert in the field of Creative Intelligence (thinking creatively across disciplinary constraints). She is the Director of Learning and Teaching in the TD School at UTS, as well as the founding course director of the multi-award-winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII). She teaches creative thinking, theory and practice across many disciplines from anthropology to media and creative writing – and works with academics from across all faculties at UTS as well as with an industry partnership base of over 2,000 individuals, to create and support this world-first, multi-award-winning future-facing transdisciplinary degree.

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