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Third Spaces Conversation Series

In February 2023, the Red House launched the Third Spaces Conversation Series with the support of the Baker Trust for Transformative Learning. This series features discussions with faculty and practitioners from institutions around the world who are doing meaningful and innovative work around the idea of third spaces in higher education. This series of engagements is intended to stimulate interest in creating more “third space” opportunities for learning and knowledge-creation at Georgetown and beyond.

What are Third Spaces?

Third Spaces can be defined as integrative experiences that bring together academics (faculty, students and staff, the first space) with industry, community and government partners (the second space) to create new sites of interaction that are characterized by:

  • valuing students as partners
  • transcending institutional boundaries
  • addressing complex challenges
  • valuing multiple knowledge types and perspectives for mutual learning

Defining Third Spaces with Bem Le Hunte

Watch this brief excerpt from the inaugural webinar in our Third Spaces Conversation Series, "Creating Third Spaces in Education" with Dr. Bem Le Hunte, for an introduction to the concept of third spaces.

Conversation Archive

Explore our archive of conversations on Third Spaces below. Click through to access recordings and learn more about our conversation partners.

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