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Emma Stenström

Third Spaces Conversation Series | September 26, 2023

Tune in for a conversation between Emma Stenström of the Stockholm School of Economics and Noah Martin of the Red House as they explore the characteristics, challenges, and opportunities of third space learning engagements.

As part of her week-long residency with the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics, Emma Stenström of the Stockholm School of Economics visited the Red House for a day of programming. Emma's visit included the above recorded audio interview, as well as a public talk on arts and interdisciplinary initiatives, a walking tour of art on campus, and a fika, or coffee chat, with faculty, staff, and students.

Meet Our Conversation Partner

Emma Stenström is Associate Professor and Co-Director of Center for Arts, Business & Culture (ABC). She has always worked with bridging different spheres, in particular arts and business. Ongoing research projects include an action research project on "bubble-hopping" and two different collaborations bridging circus and management, "The Sphere" and "Teeter Trust". She is also, since the start, involved in the initiative "Inner Development Goals".

Emma has received several pedagogical awards, including "Teacher of the Year" (twice) and Corporate Partners Pedagogical Award. She is the co-founder of the sustainability track at SSE, "Global Challenges" and particularly interested in social and existential sustainability. Emma teaches several courses: Global Challenges, Global Citizenship, Global Leadership, and she is directing a new program called "LeaderShift".

She has been Associate Dean of SSE, Guest Professor at University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design ("Konstfack") and served on many boards, including the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Society for Crafts and Design, the International Scene for Contemporary Dance, and Stockholm University of the Arts.

Beside her academic career, Emma works in media. She has hosted a TV-show for Swedish Television (SVT), and is a regular columnist in the daily business paper, Dagens Industri, since more than twenty years. She also runs a small NGO called "Fika", with the aim to bridge differences in action.

This event was part of the Third Spaces Conversation Series, sponsored by the Red House and the Baker Trust for Transformative Learning in order to stimulate interest in creating more “third space” opportunities for learning and knowledge-creation. For additional interviews from our conversation series, please visit our Third Spaces page. To keep up with our work on Third Spaces, please sign up for email updates below.

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