Welcome to the Red House

Our work seeks to shape a new learning paradigm that expands high-impact practices at Georgetown University, confronts systemic injustice, improves wellbeing and healing, while controlling the rising costs of a transformative education.

We are

Engaging in values-driven design and testing of new models.

Managing a portfolio of experimental courses.

Supporting transformation with campus partners through the Baker Trust.

There is no racial justice without equity in education. Without systemic innovation, it is impossible to transform educational systems to make equity possible. We commit to being more successful at modeling and enacting change – for our own staff, for our Georgetown community, and for our colleagues and collaborators across the educational landscape.​

Our Model for Innovation and Change

Over many years we have developed an approach to innovation in a traditional university that takes on three questions at the same time:

How do you make it possible for new ideas to emerge in a traditional university?

How do you develop and scale the best ideas?

How do you ensure that the best new ideas have transformational impact?

The Baker Trust for Transformative Learning makes strategic investments in innovation that advance the changing paradigm for learning. Investments target research, design, implementation, and scaling of new approaches to developing the skills, mindsets, and values necessary for graduates to take on the world’s greatest problems and shape a more just world.

The Baker Trust invests in a values-driven portfolio of prototypes and pilots, within and across the Schools, intended to catalyze innovation, cross-silo collaboration, and long-term structural change that advances an equitable and financially sustainable transformative education.

The Baker Trust sits under the Office of the Provost and is managed and supported through the Red House and the Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative, which operate as an educational R&D unit for Georgetown.

News & Events

Red House Staff Attends 2024 AAC&U Conference

Red House Staff Attends 2024 AAC&U Conference On January 17–19, 2024, the Red House team attended the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting. This year’s conference took place in Washington, D.C. and convened participants from

Baker Family Terrace – A Place for Imagination

On November 10, 2023, the Red House celebrated the opening of the Baker Family Terrace. The Terrace is named for the family of Jon (C ’64) and Patricia Baker and honoring their longstanding partnership with Georgetown