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Equity & Innovation

The Hub for Equity and Innovation in Higher Education and the Red House are two independent and adjacent organizations. We are co-located in our workspace on the edge of Georgetown University's campus, which enables us to work closely on projects that support our shared mission to advance Equity through Innovation at Georgetown University.   

In this collaborative blog space, Equity & Innovation, we'll share descriptions and examples of how we approach the most complex challenges facing higher education. Contributors in this space will include Georgetown faculty, staff, and students, together with other members of our community, as we do in our work

Posts will describe our projects and our processes as integrate experiential modes of learning into the traditional educational model, how we can empower students with the agility of mind and skills necessary for lives of meaning and service in the 21st century, and how we expand access to higher education.


Onboarding posts help orient all who are new to the Red House and its work. Generally, this series will cover current work and initiatives, processes, and introduce people.

Onboarding: Bridge Courses

Duncan introduces The Bridge Courses, a series of 1-credit, pass/fail senior seminars that aim to help students gain personal and professional skills, reflect on their undergraduate experience, and engage in discussions about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation.

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Vision(s) of Transformation​

Bridging the Digital Divide

Moving to a virtual learning environment may hold promise as a workaround for the extraordinary moment in which we find ourselves, but it will be practicable only if the digital divide is bridged in the process.

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News & Events

Red House Staff Attends 2024 AAC&U Conference

Red House Staff Attends 2024 AAC&U Conference On January 17–19, 2024, the Red House team attended the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting. This year’s conference took place in Washington, D.C. and convened participants from colleges and universities across the country.

Baker Family Terrace – A Place for Imagination

On November 10, 2023, the Red House celebrated the opening of the Baker Family Terrace. The Terrace is named for the family of Jon (C ’64) and Patricia Baker and honoring their longstanding partnership with Georgetown University and, especially, the Red House

Context Matters | A Reflection from the Annual Conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL)

Dr. Susannah McGowan and Noah Martin delivered a presentation at this year’s International Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) Conference. ISSOTL 2023 was hosted in the Netherlands by Utrecht University, and the theme of the conference was “Context Matters.” Our presentation entitled “Institutional Change” existed within a thematic group (series of 5 presentations in a row) and provided an overview of two courses that the Red House ran in the Spring 2023 semester as models of “third space” learning engagements.

Destination: DC

DC is the only place where you can be a citizen on both the local and national level….We want students to think about what it means to be a citizen, to engage with a city or town, and take that ideology to wherever they go after Georgetown.