Curriculum Transformation Initiative

for Racial Justice

Supporting Curricular Approaches to Advance Racial Justice

Announced by the Provost’s Office in October 2020,  the Curriculum Transformation Initiative for Racial Justice (CTI-RJ) is a systematic effort to assist schools and campuses in revising their curricula to address issues of racial justice, systemic inequality, and the development of justice-oriented mindsets.  

The purpose of the 3-year initiative is to work with schools and curricular units to develop funding mechanisms and targeted support for meaningful curricular transformation.  In order to accelerate this work, the  Baker Trust for Transformative Learning  is providing resources for coordination, implementation, and evaluation.

CTI-RJ provides targeted, transformative funding in the form of unit-level grants for analysis, development, and implementation of transformative curricular revisions. CTI-RJ aims to build partnerships across campus to support this critical work.

Spring & Summer 2021 Project Updates

Fall 2021 Project Updates

  • College Racial Justice Fellows implemented newly-designed courses aimed to teach race, ethnicity, racialization in five separate disciplines. Full evaluation of courses underway.
  • Baker Trust McDonough School of Business DEI Baker Trust Fellows cohort of faculty, staff, and students conducted DEI needs assessment within six departments. Student fellows created resources specific to these departments.
  • SFS Student Baker Trust Fellows instigated processes to strengthen first-year experiences through critical exploration of Georgetown’s history of slaveholding inspired by coursework across international relations, geography, and history.
  • Continued facilitation partnerships with key staff in McCourt School of Public Policy (MSPP), the Racial Justice Initiative, Law School, GSAS, and BGE.